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NYC Terror Suspect Zazi Pleads Guilty in Brooklyn Federal Court

A Denver man - with alleged ties to a New York bomb plot - pleaded guilty Monday afternoon in federal court in Brooklyn.

Najibullah Zazi, a Flushing native, was indicted of charges of conspiring to detonate weapons of mass destruction last year. The 24-year-old told Judge Raymond Dearie that he was willing to "sacrifice himself" for al-Qaida's cause.

Zazi was taken into custody by authorities in September after allegations surfaced that he had spear headed a plot to bomb the New York City subway system after officials discovered that he and two other men were driving between New York and Colorado, and stocking up on large quantities of hydrogen peroxide and acetone -- two key ingredients for homemade bombs.

The other men connected with the alleged plot have been identified as Zazi's two classmates from Flushing High School, Adiz Medunjanin and Zarein Ahmedzay. The pair have been indicted on related charges, Zazi's father, Mohammaed Wali Zazi, has been indicted on charged of attempting to destroy evident of the plot. He was released on bail last week.

Zazi admitted to a judge Monday that al-Qaida trained him for a "martyrdom" plan to bomb the subways, and he agreed to "sacrifice myself to bring attention to what the U.S. military was doing to civilians in Afghanistan."

Zazi faces life in prison without parole after pleading guilty to conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction, conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign county ad providing material support for a terrorist organization.

Officials say that Zazi bought the chemicals in Colorado with the possible intentions of creating explosive devices. Bomb-making instructions were also found on Zazi's laptop and officials say he was trained by al-Qaida in Pakistan.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has said the Zazi case is the most serious case of domestic terrorism since Sept. 11.

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