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New Yorkers React To Bloomberg Hiding Deputy Mayor's Arrest

Last week started with Hurricane Irene, but a natural disaster wasn't enough to distract New Yorkers from a scandal brewing within the mayor's inner circle. Mayor Bloomberg tried to kill the controversial arrest and resignation of the former Deputy Mayor with a highly-orchestrated Sunday morning news conference to capitalize on the traditionally slow Labor Day weekend in New York City newsrooms, but it appears to have backfired.

Reports in the last 24 hours have pulverized Bloomberg for his lack of remorse. After twice refusing to apologize Sunday for intentionally not informing New Yorkers of Stephen Goldsmith's arrest for domestic violence, many New Yorkers this Labor Day are looking critically at Bloomberg.

In response, PIX 11 decided to find out what New Yorker's think of Bloomberg's handling of the domestic violence scandal, and whether or not he should make an official apology. We wanted to see for ourselves what Bloomberg's real bosses -- the hardworking taxpayers of New York City -- thought of his performance.

In every borough PIX 11 had people view Bloomberg's comments from Sunday's press conference, including the mayor's two infamous "I make no apologies," lines. The verdict? Not good.


"I don't see why it's so difficult for people to apologize sometimes. It's OK to apologize. It doesn't mean that you don't have no credibility no more. It often lends credibility." -Nathaniel Hawthorne, Brooklyn

"He makes exceptions for those he deems important to himself. Instead of Mayor Bloomberg, we have King Bloomberg." -Charles Handras, Brooklyn

"I'm a soldier in an infirmary. Stuff like that is very, very, very shady, and for that to be coming from our Mayor, especially all the flack he's been receiving over like the weather and all that stuff, it's really not good." --Jeremiah Depath, Staten Island

"I thing he owes an apology to us." --Joseph Caputo, Staten Island

"Transparency is really important for government, I think the people should know what is going on. He could have handled that better. Honestly though, it doesn't really affect me." --Jordanna Kaminetsky, Manhattan

"I think it's messed up how things get hidden left and right and we find out later. It's not fair."- -Maz Nasser, Manhattan

"He released it in a very strategic manner." --Carlton Alexander, Queens

"The way he left was uncalled for. It was uncalled for. I think he should apologize." -Rick Riccardello, Queens

"Yes you do have to apologize to New York. We are New York. This is New York. You have to apologize to us. This is where it's done correctly. That's why it's called New York." --Shaheed Bailey, Bronx

"I think he needs to apologize, not only to us but just in general, that's all I got to say about it. Bloomberg, do the right thing." --George, Bronx

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