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Price Of Unlimited Metrocards To Shoot Up 17%


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority took another step toward an aggressive fare hike for New York City subway riders Monday. At the second legally mandated public hearing, straphangers blasted the MTA plan to balance its budget by reaching deeper into the pockets of riders.

Inside the Sheraton Laguardia East Hotel, commuter after commuter took the microphone to oppose a package of fare hikes set to take affect January. If the MTA board approves the plan - which appears to be a near certainty - the heaviest users of the subway would face the steepest increases.

Under the MTA plan, the cost of an unlimited monthly Metrocard would increase nearly 17%, from $89 to 104. Straphangers could opt for a less expensive $99 card with a maximum number of trips capped at 90.

Jessica Reid, 22, who works at Queens College, says a more expensive unlimited card will force her to drive her car more often.

"I live in Astoria [where] the W line got cut, so why should I be paying 31 dollars more," Reid said. I'm getting less and paying more."

Weekly unlimited Metrocards would rise to $29, or $28 for a weekly card capped at 22 trips.

"It's the greatest infrastructure in the city," said Dewan Seabrooks, a 42 year old Fed Ex employee from South Ozone Park. "I would love to see the books and see why you feel the need to increase and give us less in return."

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