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13 Dogs, 2 Cats Rescued From NY Horror House

A Long Island mother and daughter have been charged with animal cruelty after officials rescued 15 starving and filthy dogs and cats from their home, the second such incident in the same town in a few days.

Animal control officers also removed the remains of more than two dozen decomposing animals from the Rockville Centre, N.Y. home of 54-year-old Faith Ross and 24-year-old Francesca Maselli.

The women pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty at their arraignment Saturday and are being held at the Nassau County Jail.

Officials rescued two cats and 13 dogs including Chihuahuas, dachshunds, a Yorkshire terrier, an English bulldog, a shih tzu and a boxer.

Police officers were called to the scene Friday by the town building department, which was investigating a foul odor coming from the home.

The arrests followed a similar case on Wednesday, also in Rockville Centre, in which a disoriented 62-year-old woman was found barricaded in her Rockville Centre home with 22 pets, five of them dead.

Officials said the more recent case was worse.

"They were living at a doggy day spa compared with what we saw yesterday," Town Supervisor Kate Murray said at a news conference Saturday.

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