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10 More Pinched By The Feds Over LIRR Billion Dollar Pension Scandal

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The Long Island Rail Road pension scandal has hit its last stop, Federal Court.

On Tuesday, 10 more arrests were made in the alleged $1 billion pension scandal.

The arrests are a continuation of the first wave of indictments that resulted in 11 people getting slapped with cuffs last fall. On Tuesday, most of the alleged scammers had no comment, but when one was asked by PIX 11 News if he was surprised to get hauled in Tuesday morning? He only provided a one word response, "very."

The 21 are charged with faking disabilities in order to maximize pensions. LIRR workers can retire early once they hit 50 years of age and have been on the job for at least 20 years.

So how did these shady retirees allegedly rob the system? According to the Feds, they allegedly had two doctors on the take along with one doctor's office manager.

While on so-called disability they lived the good life. At least one golfed and one on Tuesday was arrested in the Florida Keys.

The Feds top gun Preet Bharara is once again at the forefront of these arrests.

The bulldog prosecutor continues to nail those that his office along with other Federal Agencies believe are skimming the system and ultimately forcing the public to hold the empty hat.

The hat that taxpayers are holding appears that it will only get bigger.One source with the Feds tells PIX 11 News they believe that there are at least 1600 more cases. The source then added that it was a, "conservative assessment."

To speed up the discovery process, the Feds set up a voluntary disclosure program to get others to come forward.

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Pension and WelfareInterior PolicyLong Island Rail Road