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New Library Can't Open Until School Can Pay Librarian

It was a long time coming, but after years of waiting P.S. 9 in Prospect Heights finally got a brand new library -- the only problem is that the kids can't use it.

Last week was the grand opening of the new library called the book hive that was supposed to be shared by the middle and elementary school, but because of budgets cuts and a hiring freeze the schools can't afford to hire a librarian.

"It's another hurdle." said school principal Sandra D'Alivar who is used to doing more with less -- getting the new digs was a joint effort between parents, educators and the community.

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz and City Council woman Letita James helped secure funding to buy new books and laptops.

Now D'Alivar is being creative in coming up with the money for a part time librarian.

"Lucky for me in the elementary school we had an increase in registers and with that comes money, so my hope is to use a fraction of dollars to have a part-time librarian. I can not afford a full time person."

"If the empty librarian chair can be filled 3 days a week, every student in the middle school and the elementary school a chance to use the resources," D'Avilar said.

Parents are already volunteering to fill in the other two days.

But at best it will another 6 weeks before a librarian can be hired and the book hive is buzzing.

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