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Knicks Fail To Land King Lebron

Dreams of finally winning a championship, all went up in smoke for Knicks fans when their team failed to land the NBA's biggest and brightest star, King Lebron.

"I think the fact that he stayed in Cleveland ... I don't think that's as hard for people to swallow but him going to Miami ... I think the Knicks organization does have to look at how they do things and what kind of went wrong because it think they either figured he's either staying in Cleveland or coming in New York and that didn't happen," said Daily News sports writer Frank Isola.

No doubt fans will point the finger at Garden Boss Jim Dolan, who has made questionable moves since taking the helm and has failed year after year to a winning team on the court.

The team's biggest fan, Spike Lee, says don't blame Jim Dolan. He is convinced good things are yet to come.

"I believe in owner Jim Dolan," said Lee. "I don't know why people vilify him and we're going to have a championship here in New York City sooner than later. Amar'e is the first step."

New York Times writer Howard Beck says the Knicks made a great move signing Amar'e Stoudemire even if it was for a hundred-million dollars.

"Amar'e Sroudemire certainly got paid his market value ... he was one of 5 elite players available. They gave him the maximum amount under NBA rules. He's a guy who I don't think anyone doubts is worthy of the maximum based on his performance and he still only 27 years old," said Beck.

However, will he be able to perform in the shadow of Lebron?

"It's not a distraction at all," Stoudemire told PIX News. "We know what we want to do in New York. We're trying to win a championship and we're trying to build up the team to do so ... we're taking one step at a time."

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