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Let's Play Vice-Presidential Sweepstakes

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Let's play Vice-Presidential sweepstake – because it's fun.

Here is the criteria for Mitt Romney:

First, he has to pick a Conservative, someone who will excite the Republicans at the convention in Tampa. Think Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan or Chris Christie.

Second, it would be nice if he or she was from a state that Mitt Romney needs to win in the general election. Think Rick Santorum or Rob Portman.

Third, it would be great to pick a Latino, an historic pick to win a group that could help win Florida, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona. Think Marco Rubio.

Fourth, it would nice if he were a she. Romney has a big women voter's deficiency after the alleged contraception battle. Think Nikki Haley.

So, who is the perfect Vice-Presidential Candidate? Susanna Martinez, Governor of New Mexico. Conservative, from a swing state, a woman and Latina.We'll see.

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