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Know Your Enemy - Protect Your Pets

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Hey, everyone loves their pet no matter what it might be. Recently the American Kennel Club documented that dog napping has risen 49 percent during the past year. 

Would you believe that the economy is so bad that people would stoop to steal dogs to sell? Apparently it’s very true, and the most common breeds stolen are Maltese, Terriers, Pomeranians, and Yorkshire (toy’s and minis).

Remember, any of the small breeds are up for grabs even the popular “designer breeds” such as the Chi-poo, Schnoodle, Maltipoo, Cockapoo , etc. These are very expensive dogs and the bad guys know that there is a big market for them.


The best way to prevent this crime is to keep your dog on a leash with up to date Identification. The latest technology used today is the microchip. This is a tiny computer chip the size if a grain of rice which is painlessly injected under the animal’s skin by a veterinarian.

The chip is read by a hand held “wand” similar to the ones used for screening at ballparks and airports. Each chip has an ID code which identifies the registered owner by calling the microchips service which is open 24/7-365 days.

All dog shelters and veterinarians have these microchip readers. Thousands of pets across the country each day are identified in this manner and it’s a smart thing to do in safeguarding your pet.

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