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Officials Launch Investigation After Planes Collide At JFK Airport

Officials have launched an investigation after an Air France A380 collided with a regional jet Monday while both were taxing at John F. Kennedy Airport.

The impact of the collision which happened around 8:15 p.m. sent the Bombardier CRJ jet swerving a quarter around on the taxiway frightening 62 passengers and 4 crew aboard the aircraft that had just arrived from Boston.

The Paris-bound Airbus superjumbo, the largest commercial passenger jet in the world that boasts a wingspan of almost 80 meters, was carrying about 500 passengers at the time of the incident, officials said. It was getting ready to take off, when it crossed paths with a taxiing Comair plane that had landed and was heading to the gate.

It not yet clear why the pilots were unaware of their proximity to each other. Investigators have already begun interviewing passengers to try and piece together what happened. Both planes were impounded early Tuesday.

No one was injured in the collision, but both planes were damaged in the accident.

The Air France flight was diverted to Terminal 1, the Comair plane to Terminal 2. Comair is the regional carrier for its parent company, Delta.

Now, people are wondering how this could've happened. Was there a communication breakdown? The FAA is investigating.

Comair flies regional flights for Delta. The Airbus A-380 is the biggest commercial passenger jet in the world.

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