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Nightmare On Jet Blue Flight As Passengers Stranded For 7 Hours

Jetblue flight 504 was supposed to fly a simple path -- from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to Newark, New Jersey. But, Saturday's unexpected snowfall rerouted the plane to Bradley airport in Connecticut, which is where the nightmare began for the passengers on board.

"Is there any way to get a tug and a tow bar out to us," said the pilot of Flight 504. "Get us towed somewhere, I don't care, take us anywhere."

But that didn't happen despite a federal rule that says a plane can only be on the tarmac for three hours -- flight 504 was stranded for seven hours.

Passengers tweeted pictures of the crowded plane. One of the passengers was a paraplegic from Staten Island, who described the horror.

"Everyone was getting antsy; we were going to call 911," said Jimmy Brown, who could only call the situation "ridiculous."

To turn a bad situation worse, the bathrooms on board stopped working. Since Brown can't walk, he was forced to go to the bathroom right at his seat.

"It was embarrassing," said Brown. "You can't get up, you're drawing attention and they were holding blankets over me."

The pilot seemed to give up any hope of help from JetBlue or the airport at hour seven.

"We can't get help from our own company, I apologize for this."

At one point, the pilot could be heard asking for police – because of rowdy passengers.

"I got a problem on the airplane, I'm going to need to have the cops on board," said the pilot.

The plane finally let everyone off right on the tarmac, but Brown had to wait an additional two hours to be carried off by the Connecticut fire department.

JetBlue released a statement saying:

"We have communicated directly with our customers impacted by this confluence of events to apologize as well as provide a full roundtrip refund, as it remains JetBlue's responsibly to not simply provide safe and secure travel, but a comfortable experience as well."

However, Brown has not received any phone calls from Jet Blue about any refund, and says he won't be flying them ever again.

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