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Neighbors Protest Another Homeless Shelter

Five schools and a playground are within a mile of a new 200-bed homeless shelter planned for 14-24 Herkimer Street and neighbors have had enough.

"This would make homeless shelter number 14 for our neighborhood.  Ocean Hill has become a dumping ground for the City," said Eartha Stevens, the President of the 1400 Block Association.  Despite construction to the shelter being well underway, Stevens has started a letter-writing campaign and petition to keep the shelter from moving in. 

"It's going to bring predators to our quiet street," said mother of two, Deborah Henry.  The Department of Homeless Services tells PIX11 News, "The Herkimer Street proposal is currently going through the procurement process and is under review by the Department of Homeless Services.”

Residents warn the City they are they plan on holding rallies and press conferences to keep their children safe.  "Why so many shelters in Ocean Hill and not in Manhattan?"  a man screamed in anger on the street, just outside the construction zone for the new shelter. 

"I will never give up," said Stevens, putting the finishing touches on a home-made poster for a rally next weekend.

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