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Holocaust Survivor Evicted from Brooklyn Apartment

The family of a 92-year-old Holocaust survivor, who was kicked out of her rent-controlled apartment, is fighting to overturn the eviction.

Eta Eckstein was booted from her Bay Ridge apartment while she had reportedly been recovering at a nearby rehabilitation after taking a bad spill.

Eckstein's grandson, Idan Eckstein, said his grandmother had been looking forward to returning to her home and had continued to pay $600 a month during her18-month stay at the rehab facility.

However, when she returned home, Eckstein found the ceiling of her bathroom had collapsed When she notified the landlord Morris Piller, Idan said it took nearly three months for maintenance crews to repair the damage.

During the time of the repairs, the family claims Piller was telling people in the complex that Eckstein had died and had issued her an eviction notice.

In court papers, Piller claimed that Eckstein was renting out the apartment to others -- allegations in which family members say are clearly not true.

Piller's attorney says Eta Ecksten was legally evicted, since she had left her apartment unattended for quite some time, which is illegal in New York City.

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