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Halloween Costumes Banned In Springfield

Springfield students can say goodbye to wearing Halloween costumes at school this year after a letter was sent to parents saying the costumes get in the way of learning.

"It's terrible. It's not fair to the kids," Melissa Fuiori, who has a child that goes to a Springfield Elementary School said.

The students seem to agree. Losing their costume privileges had them speaking to our cameras the second the school release bell rang.

"It's really unfair, I hate it!" A group of students said.

But school officials say it's necessary. According to the letter sent to parents, celebrating Halloween by wearing costumes "cuts into instructional time, and this is an effort to minimize the interruption."

Most parents we talked with said the ban is ridiculous and Halloween is a time to let kids be kids.

"I just don't know that an afternoon out of my daughter's day wearing a costume is really cutting into her educational time," another parent said.

The letter goes on to say celebrations will continue as in previous years, but costumes will no longer be permitted.

"Make it more than dressing up as a ghost," parent Rachel Gary said. "Make it an educational time. Don't just ban it outright."

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