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Thick Hail, Lightning, Rain Overnight Leave Cleanup Tuesday

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Cleanup is underway after a storm overnight flooded streets, left a rare and thick layer of hail on the ground, sent a man to the hospital from a lightning strike and left NFL fans running for shelter during the Jets' primetime Monday night football game.

The storm reached the Tri-State area after 7 p.m. and moved out during the 9 o'clock hour, but it rattled plenty of nerves during that time.

"I was hiding under the sheets," one Park Slope, Brooklyn resident told PIX 11 News. "I'm deathly afraid of thunder and lightning," she said, "But I heard it!"

It was hard to miss. In her neighborhood, a hailstorm brought down two trees on the same street, St. Johns Street, badly damaging a car. The hail also brought down massive amounts of leaves from trees that were prone to lose them in these early autumn days. Those leaves ended up clogging drains, which in turn flooded streets.

"Bags of trash are floating down the street. That's disgusting," one woman said in her YouTube video as she recorded a steady and deep current flowing down her street in Brooklyn.

The flooding had a dramatic effect indoors at Janice Mehlman's home in Park Slope. "I suddenly had this brown water come up and out of the toilet and up into the bathroom," she told PIX 11 News. "I called out, 'Get a shovel, a plunger, something!'" She said that with dozens of towels, she and her daughter were able to clean up the mess over the course of a couple of hours.

Hailstorms are rare in New York City. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Tuesday night's dime- to quarter-sized hail was from only the fifth hailstorm to hit the borough in 25 years.

Meanwhile, in Northern New Jersey, a message on the scoreboard at New Meadowlands Stadium last evening spoke volumes. It read, "Due to lightning, please head to concourses until further notice." That notice didn't come for at least 10 minutes, when the all clear was sounded for lightning, but rain delayed the New York Jets- Minnesota Vikings game for 45 minutes.

On Long Island, lightning struck a man on Decatur Lane in Ronkonkoma. Medics rushed him to Stony Brook University Medical Center. He survived, but for privacy reasons a hospital spokesperson says she cannot release information on the man's condition.

Tuesday morning, people cleaned up from the storm using brooms, mostly. As loud, disturbing and inconveniencing the Monday night storm was, it was a mellower contrast to the storm that brought tornadoes to the Tri-State three weeks ago. Some communities -- including Park Slope, which bore the brunt of Monday night's hailstorm -- are still recovering from that violent weather episode.

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