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Let Google Help Find That Black Dress

Google Inc.Ashley OlsenWPIX

Forget supermodels, seems Google's now sashaying down the runway. Yes, the biggest name on the 'net is getting in the $20 billion game, with it's brand-new fashion-forward website, Martin Dolfi of Dolfi Consulting helps fashion businesses grow. He say this could a game changer, "I think it's really smart, anything Google touches really turns to gold. Being able to customize the customer's taste and what they like, I mean, it's almost going to get to a point where the algorithm will be so good, it'll already sort of know what you want."

The website really gets to the core of what you like, and true to the name, puts it all in boutiques. Like Ashley Olsen's style? Do you maybe love the designer Catherine Malandrino's stuff? Have a favorite fashion blogger? How about Scoop - is that your favorite shop? You answer lots questions about your style and when you search for something, it promises to give you better matches.

Former fashion editor Sally DeLourenco says Google may be tops in technology, but questions whether they really know women? She's not on board with the boutique approach, "That's the wrong approach when it comes to women, put them in a little box that's all about formulas, wrong! They will absolutely not like you."

One benefit we saw? Click on a pair of shoes you like, and the site will show you others like it at different price points. We asked Kate Powell who's a stylist, if this website can do her job. "I don't think it can do my job. I don't think it's a replacement for anything, it's just an additional tool."

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