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Free Friday: Movie in the Park and Turkish Tastings from Kebab House

Each week we tell viewers what they can get for free. This week's free list: 1) Winter Film Festival 2) Mediterranean Kebab House (Turkish) Tasting

There's another reason to get you outside to enjoy this year's mild winter. The Winter Film Festival returns to Citi Pond for four Monday nights beginning January 23. Take a peek at the schedule below, and start planning your evening. There are several viewing options to choose from:

Bring a blanket and snuggle up on the deck with some hot cocoa.

Grab a table at Celsius for dinner and a movie.

Go for a spin around the rink while you watch the film. (But please save the popcorn snack for after your laps!)

Movie schedule:

Monday February 6, Edward Scissorhands

Monday February 13, Lady and the Tramp (Two showings: 5:30pm and 7pm)

For more info, log onto:

All films begin at 7pm unless otherwise noted. See you at the movies!

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Mediterranean Kebab House190 Post Avenue, Westbury, NY(516)

Travel to Turkey without leaving New York with their authentic and flavorful Mediterranean cuisine! Stop in Thursday from 2-5pm and order one of our 7 signature cold appetizers for absolutely FREE. This includes their:

• Humus (chick peas mashed into a paste with garlic lemon juice and tahini)• Eggplant Salad (chargrilled eggplants puree seasoned with garlic, red peppers, dill, lemon and olive oil)• Babaganush (smoked eggplants puree, olive oil, tahini sauce, cream, mayonnaise, lemon juice and hint of garlic)• Cacik (yogurt mixed with cucumbers, garlic and mint) • Stuffed Grape Leaves (grape leaves stuffed with pine nuts, currant, rice and herbs)• Feta Cheese • Eggplant with sauce (small pieces of eggplants in a sauce made of fresh tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic and parsley)

No one in Long Island serves the kind of authentic Turkish cuisine found here. To make this deal even sweeter, through the month of February, we will be offering a specials dinner for two - $20 will get you one delicious cold appetizer (your choice), one Chicken Shish Kebab entree (tender chunks of chicken, marinated with chef's own blend of herbs, served with salad and rice) and one dessert (your choice)! Servings are generous so this makes the perfect meal for two!

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