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9 Suspended Wayne Hills H.S. Students Sue To Play In Football Game

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They're battling to play, but fighting got them suspended. Now lawyers for nine suspended Wayne Hills football players are pursuing lawsuits to try and get the players back on the field before the team's State Championship game this weekend.

The nine players were sacked after being charged with aggravated assault following the beating of two students from rival Wayne Valley High School.

Investigators say one of the students was left laying unconcious on a road.

The players, eight of them minors, were suspended by the superintendent and the Board of Education, but lawyers got involved and the suspensions were lifted in time for their playoff match only to be reinstated now. And there's still wasn't any real talk of the victim.

Lawyers for the players have filed two lawsuits to get them back on the field for the championship game and challenging the way the lifted suspensions were re-instated.

No mention of the kid who was beaten and knocked out cold. For the team and the lawyers, it appears winning trumps the beatdown deliverd at the party.

Prior to the last playoff game the superintendent's decision to suspend the players was stayed, allowing them to play.

On Wednesday, the lawyers plan to meet with a Superior Court judge on one suit. Both suits asks for decisions by the end of the week in an effort to get the players back on the field.

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Justice SystemFootballWPIX