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Big Brawl Erupts at MTA Hearing in Brooklyn


Four students were arrested when anger and chaos erupted during Wednesday night's MTA hearing about proposed service cuts in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn.

It is the third night in a row that politicians were allowed to speak before everyday riders -- a formality that wore thin as a woman got up to speak her mind and exceeded her three-minute time limit.

At first, people at the hearing politely tried to stop her, but she refused and the situation turned physical when plain-clothes cops tried to remove her from the microphone.

Four students stepped in to stop the officers from removing the woman from the microphone. They were arrested for disorderly conduct.

Other people were removed from the hearing.

No injuries were reported and the hearing resumed after the scuffle.

The anger stems from the Metropolitan Transportation's Agency's crushing cuts to bus and subway service and especially the move to kill the student MetroCard program.

Sources tell PIX News some of the service being cut has been in the agency's sight for years.

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