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Eyesore Building Causing Outrage


A new building in Borough Park has neighbors steamed. They say its ugly. "It's sad. It just sticks out like a sore thumb," said Jean Benturino, a long-time resident of the 40th street block, where mostly brownstone line the street.

The building, near 12th avenue, appears to sit farther than its neighboring buildings and it's covered in wooden boards.

When PIX11 News cameras arrived, workers were placing even more boards on it. "It's blocking out all my sunlight," said next-door neighbor, Dora Dia, who is partially blind.

Angry neighbors have joined together signing a petition to oppose the new development. The owners declined to talk to PIX11 News about the complaints.

The Department of Building tells PIX11 News the owners have the proper permits to build and are not doing anything wrong.

"I don't understand why they are allowed to do this, " said Benturino, who says, for now, she has to continue to live with this towering eyesore next-door.

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