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Espada: "Pull Up Your Pants!"

State Sen. Pedro Espada, Jr. is joining forces with Sen. Eric Adams, and Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson to get get youngsters to raise their pants. They spoke outside the Bronx Police Athletic League, on Webster Ave., in the Bronx.

Espanda unveiled a mobile billboard on Friday. The truck will ride around Bronx neighborhoods with the message "Stop the Sag - Raise Your Pants, Raise Your Image." A youth choir, whose music is aimed at inspiring self-esteem and pride, sang their song that urges kids to pull up their pants.

"Have some pride and dignity in your appearance. With this kind of fashion statement, we are admitting something about ourselves, about our generation, about out families, about our futures, said Espada."

Sen. Adams began putting up "Stop the Sag" billboards in Crown Heights, back in March. Today he said change will not come overnight. "This was thirty years in the making. Once this campaign becomes apart of the young culture, we will see a change. Girls are already telling boys they don't want to see their underwear, said Adams."

Espada also unveiled a "Stop the Sag" website.

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