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EMT With Broken Wrist Saves Man On Sidewalk

An EMT didn't let a broken wrist stand in the way of a dramatic rescue. He rushed to help save a man who had passed out on the sidewalk in Queens.

Nicholas Esposito, 53, is awake and recovering after suffering a heart attack last week. Doctors say he's lucky to be alive, though he still has a long road ahead of him. He's now preparing to undergo triple-bypass surgery.

Esposito was walking to work in when he collapsed on 41st Avenue in Elmhurst, with no pulse. Several people rushed to his side, one of which was Fire medic Jack Winn.

Winn was off-duty at the time, coming from a local pizza parlor. Despite his sprained wrist, he was able to apply enough pressure to do life-saving chest compressions on Esposito.

Doctors at Elmhust Medical Center stabilized Esposito, but he didn't open his eyes or respond to anyone for three days. Finally, his 11-year-old son was able to get through to him, and he spoke up.

Espositio and Winn had an emotional reunion Thursday, amongst both their families. Esposito thanked the passer-by for saving his life.

Meanwhile, everyone at the hospital is supporting Esposito through his recovery. It just so happens Nicholas Esposito is one of their own, a security guard who has worked at the hospital for years!

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