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Elderly Do-Gooder Gets Summons For Not Sweeping Up Curb


One man's garbage is another man's headache. That man is 80-year-old Russell Anstett whose home sits off a busy intersection on Staten Island.

Anstett says for years he's been a good citizen who usually sweeps the streets clean around his home. But he has received two tickets for failing to keep them clean enough.

He says the tickets are unwarranted, that he simply can't keep up with the trash others are dumping on him.

According to Anstett, "We got six lights at this intersection. Every car stops, they roll down their windows, empty their ashtrays, throw their pizza boxes out on my grass."

Anstett is known in the neighborhood, where he used to regularly sweep the streets, until last year when he had triple bypass surgery. "I come out three days a week and almost every Sunday, but I can't get out everyday, there's garbage every day."

He complains that the sanitation inspector hardly gives him a change to sweep up by coming at 8:30 a.m., and handing him a summons. Anstett explained, "My problem is the curb. They say I don't clean it 18-inches out. I got a 24-inch broom that I sweep constantly, but I can't come out every day."

The good samaritan said he tried to enlist the support of Sanitation Commissioner John Dougherty, but he got no help.

Anstett paid one ticket but said he will challenge the other on medical grounds when he goes to court in October.

The feisty do-gooder said he'll be armed with all the evidence he needs and by then hopes to have Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm in his corner.

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