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Earth Day Beauty Tips And Tricks

It's Earth Day, so when it comes to your normal beauty routine, there are ways to give back. Beauty & Fashion Expert Rebekah George will provide eco-friendly tips to bring you closer to Mother Earth.

- Take Shorter Showers: The average shower lasts 8 minutes and uses about 17 gallons of water. Cutting yours by 3 minutes conserves at least 6 gallons of H2O and keeps your skin from drying out.

- Go Jumbo. Purchase products in bulk, which produces 10% less waste when it comes to packaging materials. You will also save money buying in bulk. Rebekah will tell viewers where to purchase jumbo sizes online as well as retailers that offer these sizes.

- Pick Eco-Friendly Finds: Choose brands with recyclable, biodegradable packaging. Some brands even have packaging that is plantable – with compacts and lipstick tubes embedded with seeds. You can plant them and flowers bloom. Origins, Aveda and Josie Maran all offer unique, eco-friendly beauty products and Rebekah will highlight their newest offerings.

- Air-dry your hair: There is a reason to cut down on your blow-dry time. Just by reducing your blow-drying time by even 5 minutes per day saves almost 45 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year. Goody recently launched a new hair brush that sops up wetness as you brush so it dramatically cuts down on blow drying time.

- Recycled Beauty Tricks: Before you toss those old beauty products in the trash, Rebekah will offer solutions about what to do with those expired or worn out products just in time for Earth Day. For instance, most sunscreens are only good for about one year. If you still have some leftover, don't toss it out. Since sunscreen has hydrating properties, you can use the remaining product as a shave gel or legs or under arms. Another double-duty tip – Take torn, old pantyhose and create a shield over your hair brush to gather debris, product buildup, etc. This acts as a screen to keep your brush clean. After a few weeks, just lift it out and toss. Try this for Earth Day – use empty mini lip balm jars to store pills or to fill with hair gel or shampoo for travel.

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