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Criminal Sex Case Against DSK Could Be Dropped

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance may ask a judge to drop the sexual assault charges against former International Monetary Fund Dominique Strauss-Kahn. In a letter Friday, the D.A. invited DSK's accuser, hotel maid Nafissatou Diallo, to his office to meet at 3pm Monday, on the eve of DSK's next court appearance.

Prosecutors have found inconsistencies in Diallo's accounts of not only what allegedly happened at the Hotel Sofitel on May 14th, but in other statements she'd made to investigators, as well.

Among them, that she had a phony account of having been gang-raped in Guinea, her native land, before seeking asylum in the U.S.; that she stayed in a hallway after the attack when she in fact went back into DSK's room and then cleaned another room before telling her boss DSK tried to rape her; she talked about DSK's enormous wealth in a recorded phone conversation with a jailhouse friend; and she inexplicably had tens of thousands of dollars deposited into her bank account.

Diallo came forward last month to present details of the alleged attack, where she says DSK forced her to perform oral sex on him, and that he tried to rape her. DNA evidence was collected fromt he scene, that matched DSK's, but DSK's attorneys have said that DSK is not guilty of the charges and that any sexual acts were consensual.

Prosecutors have essentially become afraid that they can't prove, beyond a reasonable doubt before a judge and jury, that Diallo's case holds water. They say her credibility and character have been marred by lies and conflicting statements of accounts from that day, as well as her previous history. Prosecutors are also expected today to reveal new details that could further discredit Diallo's case. Meanwhile, Diallo is moving forward with a civil suit filed two weeks ago against DSK seeking unspecified damages.

Diallo's attorney says the prosecutor's office has bungled the case from the beginning, and has asked a judge to disqualify the District Attorney and put in place instead, a special prosecutor. Kenneth Thompson, Diallo's lawyer, also says that his client feels "abandoned by the Manhattan District Attorney...([and feels that] she's being investigated more than Strauss-Kahn."

Meantime, William W. Taylor, an attorney for DSK, said on Sunday, "We are hopeful and optimistic that the District Attorney will dismiss the case on Tuesday."

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