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Officials: At Least One Dead After Trains Collide, Near D.C.

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According to Metro Officials, a Metro Red Line has derailed and slammed into another train between the Takoma Park and Fort Totten station near the Washington, D.C. and Maryland border, during rush hour.

The six-car train was reportedly heading toward Shady Grove when it derailed and then collided with another train around 5 p.m. Monday. Both subway trains were full of passengers during the time of the accident.

Rescue workers on the scene reported up to 70 people injured, while at least 40 people were still trapped inside the train. There are reports that at least one person has died in the accident.

D.C. Fire and EMS spokesman, Alan Etter, said the collision left one train toppled on top of the other train.

This is "developing into a mass casualty event," said Etter. "We're expecting a number of injuries."

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