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Support and Love For Cop Who Survived Point-Blank Shooting

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NYPD officer Kevin Brennan, who survived a point blank shooting to the head Tuesday, became a father six weeks ago, he and his wife named their newborn daughter Maeve Brennan. The infant shares the name of a legendary writer for The New Yorker literary magazine, who famously wrote, "New York City is not hospitable... she has no heart. She is not charming. She is not sympathetic."

Those prosaic words may well describe what happened to Officer Brennan in the Bushwick Houses Tuesday night, but they are the opposite of how people who know him in the Long Island town where he lives are feeling now.

"That's incredible, its almost unsurvivable!" John Skinner told PIX11 News, reacting to what appears to be the makings of a full recovery by Brennan, his neighbor across the street. Skinner is a retired NYPD instructor. "He has the will to survive," Skinner said, "[He's] got it."

The fact that the 29 year-old plainclothes officer and new dad is expected to recover is pleasing everyone from Mayor Bloomberg to people who know Brennan personally. "There's no reason to think that her daddy won't be there to see her crawl for the first time and, in good time, dance at her wedding,"the mayor said at a newsconference Tuesday night at Bellevue Hospital, where Brennan is recovering from surgery that removed the .38-caliber round from near the base of his skull.

"You hear about these things," next-door neighbor Rickey Miller told PIX11 News. "To hear it happened to someone as close as my neighbor... it's more important at this point."

Brennan and his wife, Janet, and baby Maeve live in a modest brick and stone two-family bungalow that they share with their

landlady. She chose not to say anything about her tenant, although she looked more frustrated about a dozen or more reporters and photographers keeping watch outside of her house than she did about the prospects for recovery for the cop she rents to, She was apparently confident for him. She let her neighbor, the retired NYPD training officer who had formerly been stationed in

Bushwick, where Officer Brennan was shot. His feelings toward Brennan, and the man charged with shooting him, are shared in this town.

"I'm disgusted with [the suspect]," retired officer John Skinner said. "I can't believe anyone would shoot at a cop. But for this officer, I'm probably going to knock on his door, shake his hand and say 'God bless you and welcome home.'"

Meanwhile, at the Bushwick Houses, where Officer Brennan had his brush with death, some people are showing support for the alleged shooter, Luis "Baby" Ortiz. One high school student, who did not give his name, but was wearing a hand-made "Free Luis Ortiz" sign taped to the front of his jacket, said that Ortiz inspired him to go back to school after he'd dropped out. "[Ortiz] had dropped out, [and said] 'Don't do what I did'," the Ortiz supporter said.

Minutes after encountering PIX11 at the Bushwick houses, two detectives detained the teen, and drove him away in an unmarked car. Other residents have called "Baby" Ortiz dangerous, and police confirm that. The NYPD considers him a prime suspect in a murder at the beginning of the year.

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