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Coyotes Terrorizing Columbia University Campus

Three coyotes were spotted on Columbia University's campus Sunday morning, causing many students and residents in the area to feel uneasy.

Police received a 911 call, reporting the sighting in front of Lewisohn Hall. One of the officers at the scene immediately recognized the animal as a coyote.

The animal was spotted walking behind the Schapiro Center for Engineering and Physical Science Research, but is since believed to have left campus.

A second sighting was also called into Columbia University Facilities around 10 a.m. That sighting is unconfirmed.

Barnard Director of Public Safety, Dianna M. Pennetti immediately sent out an e-mail to students, warning them not to approach these animals.

Urban coyote sightings have apparently been on the rise in the past few years.

The Columbia University campus is located in the Morningside Heights section of Manhattan.

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