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Chris Brown Flips Out After Live Interview, Smashes Window

With a much-talked about album hitting stores this week and praise from a judge on his recent recovery, it appeared embattled pop star Chris Brown was on a road to a comeback. Following a live morning show interview Tuesday however, the singer veered off into crazyville.

Brown, 21, reportedly flipped out after the one-on-one sit down at the "Good Morning America" studios in Midtown.

While being interviewed by ABC's Robin Roberts, Brown was repeatedly asked about his now-infamous assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna, even though he was there to promote his new album "F.A.M.E.," which was released Tuesday.

Brown dodged the questions, bringing attention back to his album release.

It was later inside the GMA greenroom, where the singer flipped out into a temper tantrum and broke a window, GMA insiders said. His behavior prompted producers to summon building security. According to TMZ, the first to post a picture of the damaged window, shattered glass fell onto 43rd and Broadway.

No injuries were reported.

Brown then ripped off his shirt and confronted a "GMA" producer, accusing the show of setting him up. A shirtless Brown later emerged from the GMA studios in Times Square where he was swarmed by paparazzi.

After the spectacle, Roberts revealed that Brown was well aware that the topic of Rihanna was part of the round of questions for the live GMA interview, TMZ reported. Brown was briefed by producers that "a few questions" about the assault were inevitable.

The singer, who is still serving probation for the 2009 assault on Rihanna, took to Twitter soon after the incident where he suggested how the media was forgiving to only selected celebrities.

"I'm so over people bringing this past sh*t up!!!" he tweeted. "Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bull****!"

The post was later deleted. Brown later tweeted again.

"All my fans!!! This album is for you and only you!!! I'm so tired of everyone else!! Honestly!! I love team breezy!!" he tweeted.

A rep for Brown didn't immediately comment on the incident.

According to the NYPD, no complaint has been filed in reference to Tuesday's incident. Charges are not expected.

Just weeks ago, Brown appeared to be on a different track as a judge praised the singer's complete behavior makeover, rewarding him by letting him skip out on the next scheduled progress report hearing in June.


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