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Cardinal-To-Be Timothy Dolan Celebrates Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral

Archbishop Timothy Dolan celebrated his first Sunday Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral as a newly-minted Cardinal, a little under the weather.

He's fighting a case of laryngitis.

But, while he may be losing his voice, Dolan, 61, hasn't lost any of his charm and wit. He had fun regaling parishioners with his grandfather's cure for laryngitis: some good whiskey, hot water and lemon.

"You swish it around and gargle with it, and then he'd say 'for God's sakes, don't spit it out!' " Dolan laughed.

Dolan's raspy voice forced him to shorten his homily on the Feast Of The Epiphany, which marks the formal end of the Christmas season.

"I'm still on a high from the Epiphany gift the Holy Father gave me," the Archbishop explained. "I didn't think it would come for a long, long time."

Pope Benedict XVI named 22 new Princes Of The Church from cities around the world. Archbishop Dolan and Bronx native Archbishop Edwin O'Brien of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are the only Americans named to the august list.

They'll formally become cardinals during an eleborate elevation ceremony Feb. 18 at the Vatican.

Edited By Michelle Robinson

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