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'Don't Be A Butterball' Hotline: Exercise Tips Over The Phone

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and Butterball Turkey`s Turkey Talk Line, the New York Sports Clubs will be launching their first ever 'Don`t Be a Butterball' hotline, where stuffed turkeys and pumpkin pie-aholics can get one step closer to reversing their holiday overindulgences.

The hotline will be open from 3 pm on Nov. 23rd to 11:59 pm on Nov. 25th for callers to speak to a live trainer, receive custom pudge-fighting tips and a free one-week pass to the Club of their choice. Plus, get this - the toll-free number (which won`t be activated until Nov. 23rd) is - 1-855-I-Am-Full.

Monica Vazquez of New York Sports Clubs was here with details on the hotline, the number one question to the hotline, her #1 tip to keep from overindulging this Thanksgiving, and four workout moves anyone can do at home to battle the bulge.

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