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New Sketch In Brooklyn Sex Assaults Case

Thursday afternoon, Police released a new sketch of a suspect wanted for sexual assault.

Police say the guy groped the breast of a young woman near Vanderbilt Street in Winsor Terrace on Sunday.

According to an eye-witness, he was wearing a shirt similar to the one pictured in this story and he has a distinctive mole on his neck.

As police try to catch their guy or guys responsible for nearly a dozen attacks throughout Brooklyn, women grow more and more worried.

Park Slope Resident Heather Brown said, "I don't want to be attacked it's my worst nightmare.

That is why some citizens are taking matters into their own hands - or paws rather.

Meet Odin and Monsoor, two mastiff mixes that weigh a total of 350 pounds.

They are rescue dogs that belong to Charles Henderson, the director of Sean Casey Animal Rescue. Henderson is hoping he and his mastiffs can make the neighborhood safer.

"We are going to the subways, we are meeting the women at the subways, we are walking them back to their homes," explained Henderson of a brand new program called K9Watch that is in response to all of the unsolved sex crimes.

"I'm stepping up and doing something about it in my community," said Henderson. It is not because he feels the police are not doing enough, Henderson added, "The police are doing wonderful but the more people who can help the better."

Resident Hope Russo loves the idea, "People especially in New York would freak out at the idea of someone saying hey can I walk you home? But if they have two big dogs with them and explain what they do, then it's a great idea."

K9Watch just started within the past week. Once it gets off the ground, each participating dog will have an identifying bandana.

You can find the owners with their dogs at various subways throughout the Park Slope/Winsor Terrace area after dark offering a FREE escort home.

The program needs more dog owners so if you want to help, contact the program at

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