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FDNY Probes Defaced Image of Obama at Bronx Firehouse

Barack ObamaFire Department of New YorkWPIX

A Bronx firehouse is in hot water after officials found an iconic image of President Barack Obama painted onto a toolbox with the word "hustler" scrawled over his face.

The incident occurred at Engine 45, Ladder 58 in East Tremont. The stenciled picture of the president features the world "BELIEVE" over his head. However, right across his face is the word "HUSTLER" written in bold, red letters.

In addition, officials say underneath the image someone scribbled in black ink "Allah Akbar" - which is Arabic for "God is great."

FDNY spokesman Jim Long declined to comment on the matter but did emphasize that an internal investigation into the incident is underway.

Officials say in addition to the defamed picture of Obama, on an adjacent panel of the toolbox was the infamous police sketch of the Unabomber. Words had been written near the image and had been covered with black tape until only "ET ME" was visible.

FDNY rules bar firefighters from displaying vulgar or offensive material in the firehouse.

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