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BQE Remains Closed Around Meeker Avenue

Mega Millions Lottery

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (PIX11) -- A portion of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway remains closed in the wake of the Friday collapse of that New York Mega Millions lottery billboard in Greenpoint.

Emergency Management officials say the street directly below Meeker Avenue between Manhattan and Graham avenues is still shut; the lower roadway is expected to remain closed through Monday.

Meanwhile, the buildings department is still trying to nail down why the bolts responsible for holding the seven-story billboard in place gave out.

According to the city, it was within 200 feet of the BQE, a violation of a city statute. Investigators say the expressway is filled with billboards too close to traffic.

Fire officials say Friday's winds, clocking 50 miles per hour played a part in the collapse, which was caught on surveillance camera. No one was hurt in the collapse, but a car and three buildings sustained damage.

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Mega Millions Lottery