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Massive Brawl Erupts Between Fans at High School Basketball Game

Suffolk County police are investigating a brawl that broke out during a championship basketball game at Bay Shore High School Tuesday night.

Police say the melee delayed the game between Malverne and Wyandanch for 20 minutes.

Authorities say no one was seriously injured, however Suffolk County cops arrested a West Babylon man Wednesday in connection with the brawl.

The fight reportedly began when two groups of Wyandanch fans and relatives of Wyandanch senior guard Jorrell Pinckney became involved in an off-court altercation.

Pinckey was ejected from the game as he rushed the crowed and had to reportedly be wrestled to the ground by three adults and escorted from the gymnasium.

Andrew Edwards, Wyandanch's basketball coach, said he wasn't sure what had initiated the fight.

During the fight, announcers declared the game was over, when in fact it was only stopped in order to clear the gym.

Authorities say the brawl didn't make it on to the court and the gymnasium was emptied in an orderly fashion.

When the game resume, inside a seeminly empty gymnasium, Malverne defeated Wyandanch to win the Long Island Class B title.

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