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List of Alternate Routes Commuters Can Take Traveling In or Out of Manhattan

Commuters traveling Southbound:

  • New Haven Line customers should get off at Woodlawn and transfer to the #2 Train at 233rd Street for service to Manhattan.
  • Harlem line customers should get off at Wakefield to get to 241st street #2 subway OR Yankees - E. 153rd Street to get the #4 or D subway.
  • Hudson Line customers also get off at Yankees-E. 153rd Street for the D train or #4 Or at Marble Hill to transfer to the #1 at 225th Street.
  • All southbound trains will go to and terminate at Yankees - E 153rd Street Station.

Commuters traveling Northbound:

  • ALL Metro-North customers should take the #4 or D to get a MNR train at Yankees - E 153rd Street Station.
  • All three lines, Hudson, Harlem and New Haven will be served by the new Yankees-E 153rd Street station.
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