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Ad Campaign Promoting Gay Acceptance Hits Long Island

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You won't see the commercial during the Super Bowl, since the ad promoting a gay dating service was rejected. However, if you travel the roads or rails on Long Island, chances are you will see advertising promoting gay acceptance.

The ads started popping up a week ago and more are on the way. The messages on the advertisements read, "I am Gay, and this is where I play."

The posters and billboards are the first of their kind on Long Island. The campaign is meant to raise awareness and prevent homophobia.

Long Island Gay and Lesbian youth or LIGALY, paid $37,000 on the ads that are on Nassau County MTA buses and on Long Island Railroad station platforms.

"This is very positive," LIGALY CEO David Kilmnick told PIX News. "This is about where we live, where we pay our taxes. This is where we play in terms of basketball and other things and it's a very positive campaign."

So far, there hasn't been a single complaint according to LIGALY CEO David Kilmnick. He says they have been flooded with positive calls which is the purpose.

Kilmnick is disappointed the national spot during the Super Bowl -- the most watched sporting events in the country -- was pulled.

"I think we have seen far worse," said Kilmnick. "Woman are objectified to no end and they have no problem with that. Meanwhile, an ad that shows twp men who may meet each other and fall in love ... there is something wrong with that?"

Only time will tell if these ads draw ire on Long Island.

A spokesman for the LIRR says they reviewed the ads and found they comply with its standards.

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Minority GroupsLong IslandSuper BowlLong Island Rail RoadWPIX