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Actress Amy Smart Opens Up About Shameless And A Lot More

Hollywood Star Amy Smart has been igniting the big and small screens, but took time out to tell all about her upcoming role in the star-studded movie "7,500" and drop hints about baby plans with her hunky new husband Carter Oosterhouse.
Smart just launched her successful second season on the Showtime hit "Shameless" about a dysfunctional family. She's also been tearing it up in stints on "Scrubs" and "Crank 2".  But Smart can put it all aside when it comes to helping our littlest friends in need.
Smart's face lights up once she starts thinking about the animals in her life.  "For me I've alsways loved having pets in my life. I've had a bird growing up, then rescued two kittens, and a rescue dog.  Then my husband has a dog so now we have two dogs and two cats and I love them with all my heart!  They are family," she cheerily quips.

Smart and her husband Carter Oosterhouse, of HGTV's "Carter Can," even say all this pet play has the newlyweds thinking about a baby bump of their own!
Smart can't help but spill the secret, "We're starting to talk about it!  We both want to have kids.  In the next year or so I think we'd like to start trying," Smart giggles in a girlish way.
And her hit Showtime show "Shameless" is succeeding at getting lots of love from fans.  Back for a second hit season, the British export is hitting home runs with William H. Macy as the patriarch of a dysfunctional family.  It's a role Smart relishes.  "People love 'Shameless' so much because it's the darker, grittier side of life."

But don't let that lust for grit fool you; Smart's heart is in the right place as an animal activist.  "I decided to team up with the ASPCA and Pet Armor," says Smart.  She's worried about animals' futures, "We're moving into flea and tick season and it's going to be more severe because it's been such a mild winter."
But there's help on the horizon.  Hoping to protect 20,000 pets, Smart's partnership will get homeless animals the protection they need from the biting pests.  She tells how, "By going to, you can choose where you want them to donate treatments to."

And that's a match sure to make for some furry heaven.

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