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New 3-D Mammogram Unveiled To Kick Off Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It takes seconds for Dr. Laurie Margolies to detect breast cancer. As the chief of imaging at the Dubin Breast Cancer Center at Mt. Sinai Hospital, she analyzes patients mammograms every day.

"It's saving lives every single day," said Margolies.

What she is referring to is new technology, called 3-D Homography. She says it is the newest and most precise breast issue examine available. And to kick off Breast Cancer awareness month, Margolies explained to women in Times Square why.

"You basically see a one millimeter slice of the breast in each slide. So any abnormality that might be obsecured in a 2-D, or regular, mammogram, might pop out," said Margolies.

To raise awareness about the 3-D equipment that is now available in 46 states, the manufacturer, Hologic, parked a pink coach also called the 'Tomo Coach' outside the Nasdaq on Monday. The goal was to educate women the possibilities of early and more accurate detection

"With tomosynthesis or 3-D, the equipment allows doctors to see each slice of the breast," said Pam Cummings, VP Marketing for Hologic.

3-D mammography is not only detecting breast cancer earlier and reducing "call-backs" or false positives by 40 percent, but also saving money for both patients and the health care system. Radiologists are calling this the biggest advancement in mammography in 30 years.

Cummings said the majority of women do not know this type of technology is available so it is important to ask your doctor. It was approved by the FDA last year and is used locally at facilities in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island. Just like a regular mammogram, women over 40 years old are encouraged to get the procedure.

For more information, you can visit Hologic's website:

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