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Websites, apps for giving back

CharityFarmVilleApple iPhoneGroupon, Inc.

Sometimes giving back is as easy as playing a game on your iPhone! Check out these websites and apps to find out how easy it is to donate to worthy charities.

What it is: You could call it the ‘Groupon of Giving.’ It’s a deal site that features a different charity every day to donate $1 toward, and it was started in Chicago about a year ago.

How it works: Subscribe to the daily e-newsletter. Every day you'll get you want to support the charity that day, then click through to donate your $1.

What it is: A loan site for people in need around the world. It was even one of Oprah’s ‘Favorite Things!'

How it works: You give as little as a $25 loan to someone in need – you get to pick who gets your loan. Over time, they'll pay you back and you can withdraw that money or loan it to someone else.

Raise the Village
Free app, for iPhone

What it is: Raise the Village is a community-building game like FarmVille but you can give back while you play! As you build up a virtual city, you are also helping a real village in Uganda.

How it works: When you purchase something for your virtual village using Florins (8 Floins for $2), your money goes toward things that the Ugandan village of Kapir Atiira needs.

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