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Ward changes for voters in Chicago

   Nearly 25 percent of Chicago's roughly one million voters will soon find themselves in new wards.

   The changes come after the City Council redrew the boundaries back in January. People will find out their new wards when their voter registration cards arrive in the mail. The cards will be sent out this week.

   "So when election day comes, first of all, they go to the right place, and that they vote within the right political boundaries, and they know who their represenatives are," said Langdon Neal of the Chicago Board of Elections.

    Legally and technically, aldermen will continue to represent the wards from which they were elected last year, before the remap was approved, officials said.

   Voter registration notice is required at least 90 days before the Nov. 6 general election as part of the canvass done to verify voter rolls, said Jim Allen, spokesman for the election board.

   Because federal, state and local political boundaries were redrawn this year to conform with population trends in the latest U.S. census, the cards will reflect any changes in a voter's legislative district, ward or precinct, Allen said.

The November election for state and federal lawmakers will reflect those new boundaries, but the next aldermanic election is three years away.



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