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'Twilight Saga: Eclipse' review

It's all about the mid-week release of "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" Tuesday night at midnight screenings all over town.

Here's my take of the movie, a Wednesday Deans List Review:

Does it really matter how this movie is or what any critic thinks of it? It'll be a smash hit regardless; this movie is for the rabid fans.

'Twilight Saga: Eclipse', more than it's two predecessors, panders to the teen audience with it's high school-like flirting, shallow relationship issues that would only be discussed outside your locker before home room.

Shirtless ripped actors are generously placed throughout the film and each time that they do, a high pitched squeal goes off in the theater.

In the latest installment; the battle for Bella's affection continues between the moody vampire, Edward and the ab-chiseled werewolf, Jacob. Mortal enemies who both love her so much, they're even willing to team up to protect her against an outside invasion of "new vampires" out to kill Bella for revenge. They're willing to die for her, she's willing to become "undead" for Edward.

I'm sure some teens find this "blind love worth dying for" as romantic. I find that a little disturbing in these days of rampant teen suicide.

Be that as it may, the romantic and bad special effects-laden battles rage on, in gloomy, overcast, backdrops and the constant whining by these two love smitten creatures over the girl who can't make up her mind and endlessly strings them both along, made me want to put a stake thru my heart early on.

I didn't like "Eclipse" as much as the two earlier Twilight films and my biggest problem is that if you don't know the Twilight history, you'll be completely lost in this movie. It's strictly for the faithful fans.

But it's also sloppy, lazy film making with marginal acting. But like I said, it doesn't matter... for this Dean's List "C-."

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