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Turning a Battle with Cancer into a Will to Accomplish All

After battling a grade four brain tumor Meg Keating realized she could accomplish anything. After making it through months of radiation and chemotherapy Meg was ready to get back to a more normal life, but the journey left her with a new purpose in life. She now believes that by beating brain cancer she can do anything. With her new realization Meg dedided to tackle the Chicago Marathon and she turned to a running group for support and assistance in accomplishing her goal. In 2009 she did just that, she herself could not believe she had come all this way when her starting point had been walking just ten minutes on a treadmill.

For more information about the Northwestern Brain Tumor Institue please visit their website.

Wheater you have never run before or you are just intrested in training for your first marathon, a running club may be a good option for you. Running groups provide a lot of support and social interaction while participating in healthy activity. They allow a runner to develop physically and socially within a welcoming community. Here are a few options for you to check out:

Chicago Area Runners Assosication

Chicago Endurance Sports

Fleet Feet


The Scout Running Club

Happy Running!

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