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TRAILER ALERT: "Footloose" remake angers, confuses masses!

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I take a day off to go to the zoo, and I miss THIS?

That's right, while I was doing my "anger dance" over the sleeping bears that wouldn't wake up, the rest of the world was reacting to the first look at MTV Films' "Footloose" remake.

Gone is Kevin Bacon, in is Kenny Wormald - the outcast kid in a town where dancing is a criminal act. All you need is a beater Bug and an empty warehouse full of things to smash, and you have a movie about young people breaking from their Playskool cocoons.

I don't think the trailer looks as bad as others do. Craig Brewer is a pretty interesting director - putting forth both "Hustle & Flow" and "Black Snake Moan." It seems like the movie is going to try and stay pretty faithful to the original - which may end up being a problem.

"Footloose" debuted in 1984 - a lot was happening with the American teenager, in particular the young American male. We could meet in your local pub and have a long, graduate-school type discussion about all of the phallic imagery in the first "Footloose" and what it's really saying about a man's role in society.

Wow, that sounds creepy. Let's just watch this trailer and forget I even brought the idea up.


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