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Medical Watch: SlimLipo

Dr Steven Bloch
1160 Park Avenue West
Highland Park, IL
(847) 432-0840

Dr Julius Few
875 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 202-0882

In tonight's Medical Watch -- Lipo with a laser. Some say it's a better fix for fat without the bumps. But will it burn? The experts weigh in.

Jamey Heniken, SlimLipo Patient: "There was just loose stuff and it wasn't going away."

Three kids and lots of exercise later, Jamey Heniken found some spots were there to stay.

Jamey: "I wanted to be able to wear some different clothes and bathing suit and feel better about myself."

What she didn't want were the dimples associated with traditional liposuction.

Jamey: "It was going to look like granny skin, like a turkey neck on my abdomen."

Dr. Steven Bloch offered a smoother alternative called SlimLipo.

Dr. Steven Bloch, Plastic Surgeon: "This is the first method that I have seen where were actually melting the fat and getting some skin tightening at the same time."

Using differing wavelengths, a laser heats and tightens the skin from the surface and shrinks and melts fat underneath. All while traditional liposuction sucks the fat from inside. A good combination if it works.

Dr. Bloch: "We might be able to go in, heat up the deeper tissue really get some skin tightening and perhaps avoid a larger operation such as a tummy tuck."

But some doctors warn, traditional liposuction has been successful for 25 years while laser studies are still underway, some with mixed results.

Dr. Julius Few, Plastic Surgeon: "Anytime that we're looking at heating the tissue or using laser light to affect the way the fat behaves there's always a risk that you may see a different degree of inflammation."

And a chance for burns. But Jamey says she looks hot and she had no complications but lots of definition.

Jamey: "I love it. It's great. I have a waist."

If a doctor is offering SlimLipo, ask questions like how many people have they treated? And do your own work ... surgeons say losing a little weight before lipo yields the best results.

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