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12-year-old boy spots skull, 2nd found by police

Two human skulls were found along a road in Bull Valley in McHenry County.

A 12 year-old boy spotted one of the skulls as he walked to the school bus stop near the 1500 block of Cherry Valley Road Tuesday. Police found the other skull about 75 feet away from the first one.

Authorities have been searching two properties in that area since Tuesday night for clues.

The skulls have been sent to Indianapolis to be examined by an anthropologist in hopes of determining how old they are, as well as the ages and genders of people they came from and whether the skulls showed signs of trauma.

Police said in a news release that they believe the skulls "have no relation to any open missing person's investigation."

Officials said the skulls had no blood, skin or hair on them, and that it looked like they were bleached.


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