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Tuesday temperatures produce a surplus for the first time in 15 days

Several clusters of gusty thunderstorms blossom in warm, humid air
The remnants of powerful thunderstorms, which bombarded the Dakotas and Minnesota with hail the side of golfballs Tuesday and Tuesday evening, then sent gusts ranging from 45 to 75 mph roaring across sections of Wisconsin overnight, are to move across sections of the Chicago area as Wednesday dawns. 

Heavier storms here threaten hail, powerful winds gusts and passing downpours before easing during the morning. Indications are these storms may impact 30-40% of the metro area.

The storms are to exit the area, a development expected to allow clouds to break and sunshine to emerge. The extent of sunshine will dictate just how much the atmosphere re-heats the and de-stabilizes Wednesday. Our forecast included the threat of new scattered t-storm development. The second thunderstorm eruption, is expected to impact up to 30% of the metro area Wednesday afternoon and is to occur ahead of a southeast-bound cold front which is to usher cooler, drier Canadian air into the area Wednesday night and Thursday.
Tuesday temperatures produce a surplus for the first time in 15 days
Tuesday’s 83-degree high at O’Hare, 84 at the lakefront and 85 at Midway mark the first time temperatures here posted a modest surplus in 15 days. Tuesday’s average temperature finished 2-degrees above normal-the first time readings here have moved into surplus territory since July 22. Wednesday is predicted to bring a second day of 80s to the city. If true, it would mark the first back to back 80s to occur here since 88 and 87-degree extremes this past July 22.
While residents of the southern Plains deal with triple digit heat, 90s widespread across the West and 80s reach north to Canada’s arctic coast

The scope of the country’s really hot weather is quite impressive--- Chicago's cool overall summer temperatures not withstanding. Heat across the southern Plains has largely bypassed Chicago while weather stations across Texas and Oklahoma have reported scores of triple digit highs Tuesday. In the West, 90s were widespread.

Interestingly, 80s reached north through western Canada to the country’s Northwest and Yukon territories. Tuesday saw mid-80-degree temperatures in far northwest Canada astride the very arctic waters in which ice has been melting at an pace of concern to climate scientists in recent decades.
Eastern Europe broiling in triple- digit heat too

Heat’s not limited to North America. Eastern and southern Europe are in the throes of major heat as well. 100s were reported in the Baltics Tuesday while 90s  extended north into sections of Poland.

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