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'Rosie Show' leaving Windy City for Big Apple?

It was only half a year ago that Rosie O'Donnell took over the Harpo Studios here in Chicago after Oprah's departure and now there's word that 'The Rosie Show' host has plans to pack up and move her show to New York.
The news comes just a day after O'Donnell was reportedly said to have sold her multi-million dollar home in Lakeview, IL within 24 hours of putting it up for sale on Monday.
Though O'Donnell has yet to release any official statements explaining her decision, an insider hints that it may have something to do with her discontentment with the show's Chicago location.
The insider tells the Huffington Post that O'Donnell is working on relocating her operations back to her hometown, New York City, because she finds it "easier" to bring guests to the NYC area to appear on the show and ultimately feels "more at home" there.
It wasn't long ago that O'Donnell expressed a similar enthusiasm about her new home here in Chicago. In an interview with WGN's Dean Richards, just after her move to Harpo Studios, O'Donnell sang praises about the Windy City, speaking highly of the "heart-warming" hospitality she received from Chicagoans as well as Oprah and her staff upon her arrival.  
Now O'Donnell is taking those words back with her to NYC, in hopes that she will see some improvements for the suffering show. According to the insider, 'The Rosie Show' had undergone some drastic changes including switching from live to taped shows and the elimination of the in-studio audience as well as the game show segment.
These alterations have been considered a factor in the show's recently declining viewership. In it's six-month stint in Chicago, 'The Rosie Show's' average number of viewers has plumeted from nearly 500,000 when the show debuted in October to around 200,000 as of January.
If 'The Rosie Show' is picked up for a second season, it will film out of New York City where O'Donnell owns a home with her fiance and children.
Watch Dean's full interview with Rosie O'Donnell back in November at Harpo Studios.

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