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Quinn vs. Emanuel over Illinois Sports Facilities Authority

Governor Pat Quinn and Mayor Rahm Emanuel are locked in a public spat over the governor's choice to head the Illinois Sports Facilites Authority, the agency that runs U.S. Cellular Field.

Quinn wants his Communications Director Kelly Kraft, to take over the job. She spent three years in the state budget office. But, Emanuel believes she doesn't have enough experience managing large organizations.

“I wish the mayor would stop doing this. This is a very good person. Stop assassinating her character,” Quinn said at the "Columbus Day Parade" on Monday in downtown Chicago.

"Let's let a good person do her job. She'll do an excellent job for that agency," added Quinn.

"This is all about protecting the taxpapers. I want to remind people it's not about personalities, it's not about differences. It's about a view about the Illinois Sports Authority. The taxpapers of the City of Chicago are on the hook if it runs amiss," said Emanuel Tuesday at CTA West Shops at 3900 West Maypole Avenue.

Kraft joined the Quinn administration as a budget spokeswoman in 2009. During this same year, she filed for personal bankruptcy. She had $102,500 in debt. The case has been resolved. Quinn later promoted her to assistant budget director, and then he named her his director of communications in July.

The authority’s board has seven members. The panel has four Quinn appointees and three from Emanuel.

The agency may see an expanded role if state and city leaders decide to renovate Wrigley Field.

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