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June 6 - 10

Kevin Eubanks - Steve Greenberg - Chicago The Musical - Mike Love - Maggie Speaks - Beauty Tips

Tuesday, June 7

Kevin Eubanks

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Zen Food

Wednesday, June 8

Steve Greenberg

Energizer Triple Beam LED Headlight
When active outdoor activities require two hands and dusk sets in, here's a solution Dad can wear. It's the Energizer LED headlight. The Energizer Triple Beam LED Headlight is Energizer's newest headlight, featuring a bright white LED but also a green LED for accentuating minor details and a red LED to help maintain his night vision. Access the different LEDs via the large dedicated buttons, so you don't have to scroll through one lighting option to get to your preferred setting.

Rain Bird
This controller is different from any other controller in that it is the first weather-based irrigation controller designed for consumers. Basically this controller gets real time weather data from the weather sensor and has about 10-years of historical weather data built into its hard drive You enter your zip code -- and then it controls your sprinklers accordingly. Studies have shown that smart sprinklers can reduce water use by up to 70 percent, helping homeowners save water and money on their water bills.

Olympus LS-20M High Def Video/Audio Recorder
This is a "Flip Camera on Steriods" Simple to operate and perfect for recording a live concert, creating home movies and uploading pristine audio and video. The new Olympus LS-20M HD video and Linear PCM audio recorder literally does it all in a compact, handheld package. On 32-gig card it can record 2 hours of hours of highest HD video/audio. The LS-20M is the first Olympus recorder that captures and edits 1080p HD video while recording 24 bit/96 hHz Linear PCM stereo sound (better than CD -- professional studio quality) Combined with four different optional Magic Movie special effects features, the LS-20M allows users to create home movies that look and sound like professional productions in a device slightly bigger than a typical smart phone.

Black & Decker 12-cup Coffeemaker
Everyone needs their coffee fix, especially sleepless new dads and college students. Time, affordability and convenience are all things both dads and grads value. The Black & Decker 12-CUP PROGRAMMABLE COFFEEMAKER offers that and more with wake up to features such as Sneak-A-Cup which allows you to stick your mug under the coffee while it brews if you just can't wait. Other great features are the non-stick, warming plate that keeps the Duralife carafe hot and ready for pouring, while the two-hour auto shutoff function will power down on its own.

Zeo Personal Sleep Coach
A tracking system designed to help users improve the quality of their sleep. It's composed of a lightweight wireless headband and a bedside display. Users sleep with the headband on and can upload their data into the "My Zeo" website, where they'll find tools and coaching tips that show them how their behavior or environment is affecting their sleep. Better sleep leads to better health, wellness and overall performance in whatever you do. 80% of Zeo users report improved sleep quality and feeling better in the morning. Dads of all ages are always in need of a little extra R&R, and the first step for dads looking to take control of their sleep is tracking it and discovering the hidden "sleep stealers" in their everyday life. With the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach, users can track the impact of alcohol, caffeine, exercise, bedtime and other factors on their sleep quality to see what's robbing them of a good night's rest. Graduates moving on to college or entering the workforce can also benefit from improved sleep quality to maximize their performance in the classroom and at the office. Normally about $200, Zeo is presenting a special promotion for Father's Day and will be available for 20 % off online at and at authorized resellers such as Best and Brookstone for a limited time beginning June 1.

Energizer Inductive Charger
An easy and convenient way to charge your smart phone without cords. The Energizer Inductive Charger is built with the new UNIVERSAL wireless charging standard, called Qi (CHEE). That means that the Energizer Inductive Charger will charge any Qi device, regardless of manufacturer. Currently it works with several Qi-enabled smart phones and in near future many more manufacturers are going to add Qi-technology into their devices. At this moment, there are Qi enabled sleeves (or phone cases) for many smart phones such as such as iPhones, HTC Thunderbolt and Blackberry Curve 8900 and some phones let you change the battery door to convert the phone to Qi enabled -- including the new LG Revolution and Droid Charge.

The Soda Stream FIZZ
Has the hot new feature, Fizz Chip Technology. Using an LCD Screen, it monitors the gas level -- so you know when you are going to run out CO-2 and you can adjust your carbonation level -- low/med/high. SodaStream makes 'Better for you' soda -- no high-fructose corn syrup or aspartame. About 60 Flavors and now a new line of all-natural flavors -- made with cane sugar and other natural ingredients. As before no batteries or electricity required so it's perfect for boating, camping and BBQ's. No lugging soda cases and hardly anything to store -- making it perfect dorm rooms with limited space. It's very earth friendly as well -- the average family of four people can save over 2000 bottles/cans each year by making soda at home. Reduces transport emissions by over 90%. And bottom-line, making your own soda saves money -- less than $0.25 per 12-oz can.

Chicago The Musical
Through June 12
Oriental Theatre
24 W Randolph St.

Thursday, June 9

Mike Love

Beach Boys
7:30 p.m. Tonight
The Auditorium Theatre

Maggie Speaks
June 16
8:00 p.m.
CD and ME
(815) 469-7315

Friday, June 10

DIY Beauty Secrets

Natural Avocado Mask: Soothe and moisten your face
Mash half an avocado. Stir in one tsp of honey. Add one Tbs of plain yogurt.

Citrus Scrub: Wake up and brighten your skin
Mix 1 Tbs dried citrus peel, chopped and finely ground in food processor, 1/2 cup plain yogurt, 1 tsp pure honey, 1/4 vitamin E oil and 2 Tbs cornmeal until well blended and massage onto damp face. Rinse well with warm water and finish with a splash of cold. Can store leftovers in the fridge for up to a week.

Clarifying Shampoo: Freshen your locks with a clean boost Apply 1 Tbs apple cider vinegar to hair and scalp after shampooing, or mix with your regular shampoo. Leave on for 5 minutes, rinse and condition.
Eye Soothers: Egg Whites
Beat egg whites until stiff, adding a drop of witch hazel, then apply to under eye area using a brush. Let dry for 15 minutes; rinse well with water. Rest two 1/2 inch-thick slices on a bed of ice to chill. Put on eyes for 10-15 min. Pour ice-cold whole milk or cream into a small bowl; soak two cotton balls in the liquid, squeeze slightly and put over each eye. Repeat for 15 minutes

Tammy PescatelliChicago Improv
5 Woodfield Road
(847) 240-2001

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